Sunday, March 8, 2009


Omg so right now I'm sitting in the car with one of my old fam members about to head to my second home The OC for some krump event.

And I can actually say that I'm hella nervous.... It's been a minute since I've been around dancers with the intention on dancing not on just being seen and kickin it with people.... Plus I'm meeting my new big homie officially for the first time. So I'm hella nervous

Yea last night was nuts the other girl in my fam almost passed out...... I saw Bear, Scoundrel, Pluto, and Coward..... It was nuts. But a lot of people saw me lab and are excited about me officially comming out.

Omg and I saw Big Mijo dance last night!!!!! He now holds my favorite krumper slot. OMG he is sooooooo buck LOL that's where I want my power style to be at

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