Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fix 03:06:09

So for this review on Fix I'm going to to something different..... Tonight I'm goin to take time out throughout the night to blogg and key you know wats up.

Right now it's kinds slow buy then again it's still early sooooooo perfect time for me to scope out to see if there are any guys worth mentioning...... And honestly the only one I'd this gut who kick it with Mr. B I'm going to call.... Sly he's chill but he makes it obvious yyats he's a player the way that he bounce from female to female. Whig also gives gum set a military.

Shout outs to DJ Kali who was spinning erliet tonight and to DJ Mack who is spinning now and complimented me on by look for tonight.

I don't know why DJ's play hyphy and they aren't in The Bay??? It's soooooo played out and annoying it's not even funny....

But one of my cuts is on now so I'll finish this in a sec........

Ok I'm back but becase of something that irritates the crap outta me... I hate vein in the middle if a goi grove and then earig the fucking "Cupid Shuffle"!!!! It had to be the worst knock off I the electric slide in the entire world.... Grosssss DJ's stop playing that shit!!!!!

On another total side bar.... I hate when I'm in the club and I run into someone that I used to mess with that I low key booed... It's akward and not cute when peak-a-boos show up

Ok more in a bit

I love dirty south it's the hottest shit u can play in the club

Shout puts to allstar fam/ top flight the best dancers on Daygo

Shout outs to Mark for being the shit

Ok I'm back again, so have u ever seen that nigga in the club that looks supper fuckin fine but he just radiates a vibe that says don't mutha fuckin talk to me?? There is one on the club tonigt light skinner mowhahwk supper one an swagg but yeah.... Sorry Booo ur aoura sucks.

Oh yeah and book to all the broke ass niggas in the club right now who owe me money and think they still r the shut cuz I haven't knocked they ass. Fuck yall.

Shout outs to my home girl who said that I look fly

Shout outs to my boss DJ Birdy Bird fir playing my old svhool fuck me now song "Dont Leave"!!! Omg I deserve to get some for hearing that.

DJ Mack you ain't right for wat u just told me!!!!

Fuck all the cock blockers and snails in the club

And yeah your girl looked scruby and still pulled

But at the moment writing this sentence I'm in bed and as always had mad fun with the fam

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