Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Before the Hype: Tom Cruise movies

Sooooooo before he went crazy one of my absolutely favorite actors was Tom Cruise!!!

"Jerry Maguire", "Vanilla Sky" , "Mission Impossible 1&2", and "Top Gun" all were movies that I adored!!!

And the best thing about Tom Cruise???? The "Tom Cruise run" of course!!!! Seriously that has to be the most known run in Hollywood LOL.... I was watching "Minority Report" web I got home from the club and before I headed out today and fell in love all over again watching him do it... Especially web he seriously did it across a bedroom or attic it was funny and adorable all in the same breath!!!!

Tom give up Scientology please so that you can get back to making good movies where u r doing your run!!!!!

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