Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Missadventures: In Nightlife

So I had totell this story from Saturday night out at C7's with a client.

For the most part I'm pretty chill about men flirting an hitting on me. But one of the guys in my clients entourage took it to a new level.

So I was jus standing chillen in the VIP and my client asked me to sit down and jus relax. The space that was open on the couch wasn't next to him but next to this ugly bugg looking person who preceeded to put his arm around me when I sat down. Then he tried to push his drink down my throat and rub my side.

At this point I knew it was time to get up an Mr. Touch and Feel getting way too comfortable. But when I did the guy decided to take an opportunity to try to feel up my dress.

My response:

"Nigga you must have lost your mind don't let the dress fool you touch me again and wath me slap the shit out if you"

My client laughed and apparently dude didn't get the message because he tried to two more times. The third time he got shoved an spilled shit on himself. Then I spoke to my clients manager kindly letting him know that if dude touched me again that I would not release his photos from the night and that was after I clocked dude.

Needless to say the person gave me no more problems the rest of the night

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