Saturday, March 14, 2009

Raw and uncut: Bear

Straight up yo I'm better than you and more woman than you can handle at this time ..... Mad luv for you cuz I really thought that you could have been someone special to me but your true colors r hella wow.

Just like you've been on this whole you can't trust me bullshit I know I can't trust you. You promised to be there through the rough shit and instead of actually trying to be something other than a selfish ass you've just tried to staty taking advantage of me.

You're hella fuckin dumb.... Had a real chik who was willing to ride for you and decided to act out like a kid in the toy store whose mom didn't buy him a toy

I wasn't able to help to do what I planned because I took care of my mom and you're mad???? I got flakes ok so I couldn't help you out to the degree you wanted so you try to make me feel like shit for the bit that I can do for u??? Nigga you're so wow you deserve to be the picture in the dictionary defining it

You r ungrateful and when it cross your mind for he billionth time and you realize wat you treated like shit and threw away you're going to regret it and try to come back....

And I have news for you.... It would take an act of God to getbme to feel the same way about you.... Still think that you're hella chill and we can b friends but the man that gets to call me his has to be a man and not be phased by dumb shit...

And yes this is dumb... Nigga do you know how many people have been trying to take your slot???? And I was dumb enough to actually let you keep it to see of you would wake up and act right.... But all that shit is done with

Hella married to my work right now till I see someone who actually deserves a title... And war sucks is that if you had actually been a man you probably would have gotten even more than eat you wanted

Check my upgrade nigga... Cuz where I'm takin shit next is going to be so crazy it won't make sense

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