Monday, July 23, 2012

Everything for the Better

I never thought that I would have taken such a long spell in between posts... but I truly can say that it was necessary.  A lot has gone on in the last 15 or so months since the last post.... I won't lie not all of it has been the conventional good but it has all worked towards my good.  I'm better now then I was before.

But most importantly I have more to tell and more to give.... yes Anjlik Sol is back

My faithful readers no the deal... Letters From the Sol, Sol Views, Random Thoughts, A Style, and a couple others will be coming back. But I really want to give more fashion and beauty tips & trends, more music, more pop & urban culture, some exclusives, more of what I'm up to with Regal... more insight into my life and world.

What else can I say... let the madness begin!