Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teeira Marie @ Fix 03:13:09

Wats good Anjliksol readers???? Tonight is about to be hella crazy with Teeira Marie performing at Faces tonight inside of Fix

Super excited right now to be out and about an able to catch her tonight... Her song "Make a Girl Feel" is one of the N.S.I.G. Anthems so tonights performance is hella special to me.

I liked the formr that u did last weeks write up on Fix so I'm going to do the same thing tonight. Also for a change I'm going to make the full version of this blog available on myspace for those who read my blog on there. If you see me in the club and want to get a shout out for the blog for tonight or any night just holla at me and I'll make it happen.

So let's let this night begin!!!

Alright so I jus hot downstairs to put my stuff down and already we are looking hella hot....

Ironically I ran into Scarf when I was walki down to the club which was weird and neh... Like I said in my last blog about him he is madd chill but jut not someone hat I really feel the need to be around hevy right now.

Kali better work the music though he alright has had two of my favorite cuts going and it got more than me wanting to dance.... Shout outs to Tommy T on the mike right now.

Ok so I'm oustide right now and want to shout out Mimi,Saeed, and Chris YG!!! Looking fly!!!

Happy birthday to Denise!!! Do it big on your 21st!!!!

Fuck the chik wearing almost same blue and black fort I wore a few weeks ago!!!

Sooooo right now I'm in my fave spot in the club by the first booth and by the DJ booth and got my boy DJ Mack spinnin with MC Unleaded Supreme on the mic. I'm seeing done supper sexy ladies on the floor right now and if I were a lesbian or bi I would be on supper gig mode right now.... So for all the fine men in the house I hope you brought your A game cuz the ladies aren't playin tonight

OMG stop playing "Step in the Name of Love" I'm over it..... Boooooooo hahahahahahahaha. Omg!!!! Ima need this ugly nigga in the club to stop playin Simon Says with tthis song like he is Kells himself!!!!! Come on you're already ugly why look like a dork to???

Happy birthday shout out to Latoya enjoy you're night girl!!!

Right now we r on full juk!!!!

Happy 21st Birthday Stevie!!! Enjoy your nite girl!!!

Wat up to my boys from the derrty you know your girl loves to party and play wit yall get t me!

Omg soooo I jus saw her and she looks hella fly I'm excited about this tonight

Shout outs to my other half CBR know u wanted to be here and Teeira said good luck with mid terms

Shout outs to Bishop Lamont and the whole Aftermath crew for hosting last night. It was crazy having you all out and for real come party with us anytime you're out here.

Teeira Marie's performance last night was crazy she has one of the best performance vibes in the world. She's ultra sweet and really chill to hang with. She was great about going out in the crowd and dancing with her fans and also taking pictures with everyone.

Teeira girl we can't wait to have you back and u truly rock the house!!! Be on the look out for her new single "Cause a Scene" and her new album coming out soon.

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