Monday, February 23, 2009

The effect of a bomb car

It sucks to admit but a bomb car has that mmmmmmm effect on women me especially. I love dope boy rides and cars that go fast..... Bad boy cars that make u wanna be bad and step on that wild side. Seriously being with Africa made me realize how much I really do love cars

(hey Africa's bike was the main reason I stopped to even say anything to him when I met him hahahahahahahaha)

But I think I have a new goal, I want a classic Shelby, a Caprice or Box, a bike, a great everyday car, a luxury car for nights out, a Jeep for off riasing and location shoot, a G Wagon, and my Maserati just because.


Amanda Allison said...

My family used to have a silver Caprice back in the day. Everyone was soooo jealous lol

Super Woman said...

I think im more interested in my car to even worry about what "his" car looks like LOL