Sunday, February 15, 2009

NBA Allstar game first half

Ok so I just news to say it's good to be blogging and way better to blog about than one of my first loves basketball. No I didn't make it to the allstar game in Phoenix but I'm watching it now (having a fit).

First and foremost the west needsvri get it together and play like they mean it! They should be killing the east and they aren't.

The drop Ptesident Obama did for NBA Cares was too awesome. I love that he is down to earth and true to his roots (and a ball player himself). So in honor of it I will be coaching kids this season again and trying to move my schedule so that I can play red league again.

And right now Jogn Legend and Jaques are gettin it!!!!! But Duncan cab u set a good screen and Paul play defense.

Before I go madd congrats to Bill Russel. And A.I. Babe I love the new look. Oh and Kobe I love u always congrats on the special ring from the Olympic Gold Win!


Reggie said...

John Legend watches basketball?!? Was Teedra Moses good, I love her?!?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

bill russel is the man - eatting cake on the bench lol

Anjl Marie said...