Monday, February 23, 2009


So I'm out with this guy I'm going to call Africa and so far it's going pretty good. Which is interesting considering the fact that in not super crazy abut darker skinned guys.

(Oh for those I you who are wondering Bear and I are stil officially together. Right now we are in the middel of a disagreement and yeah... Honestly idk about him right now. The other day I got some information about him that really hurt me and made me sad. But I digressed from my current evenig activities)

Africa is pretty cool tho I have to admit. He has a moorcycle, a classic dope boy car thatbus just straight sexy (actually he is in the same car club by Him used to be apart of) an he is just cute. Actually check rat he is down right dark chocolate fine. Even tho be was born on Africa he was raised in the South and I have to admit he combination makes for a very sexy mix.

Oh shot he hella just turned off the lights an commented on the fact that I'm blogging so I'll finish this later.

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