Monday, February 23, 2009

Fix 02:20:09

I can't even begin to tell y'all how good it felt to be back at Fix with my Star-Dom fam. Matter of fact shout-outs to the whole Star-Dom fam.

Once again I just want say that Fix is the place to be on Friday night. In my adventures away I've gotten to go to a lot of different places but the one thing that they all lack is music consistancy. This includes Belo who despite all the concerts and their capacity that is 3-4 times Faces still cannont produce consistant music flow.

One thing that I always here from people when they leave Fix is that they loved that they could dance all night. Fix does something with one room and set of turntables that Belo can't do with 3, mesh three DJ's styles as one without them losing their individuality.

DJ Kali has a very underground style... He knows how to take the new trax you want to hear but don't and make them club bangers. The trax that people think that people in SD wouldn't know about Kali knows how to play on a mix with current an classic joints that makes u want to go download them when you go home.

DJ Mack is great for keeping consistant flow. I've never been in the club where he hasn't seamlessly transitioned into the mix done his thing and provided a great platform for Dj Birdy Bird to come in on. He brings that extra added consistancy to the club that only a veteran could bring. During his set he brings flava showcasing dancehall, west coast hits an east coast swagg.

Roundin out the night is the ever controversial but undoubtably solid DJ Birdy Bird. Comments he has said in the past has put him in Hell's Kitchen but his mixing proves that he doesn't just handle and survive it but uses it to make his craft better. His mix style is high energy and almost combative putting beats and trax together to challenge someone to be more creative. Dirty south with old school west coast to down south to step music then swagg or old school. It all pops off eel in ways where you wouldn't have thought to put songs together the way that he does. Personally I think by best set is his freakeum set at the end of night that is slow, sexy, and still satisfies your club energy.

With all that being said about these differnt DJs you would think you would hear tons of repeat or sack songs and yet you don't. That's my point about Fix, they don't bore you you don't want to leave because the music has you thinking about where you coulda spent ure money. Every night from DJ to DJ there is nothing but consistancy and high energy.

Again shout outs to the fam it was good to be back and let's keep gettin it in.

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