Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Letters From the Sol: Seen


I never wanted to be seen until I as for the first time... But the girl in the reflection isn't me she's someone else....

I never wanted go back to being invisible till you stopped seeing me... But why does this reflection still look back at me?

I should be fading into the background but I'm still front and center... I never believed I was special but I let you convince me....

Now its all lies even when it's a the truth... The only truth is I'm only special to me... And to everyone else I'm just some person

I don't need to ask if you can hear me cuz I've simply stopped crying out... Don't need Superman cuz I'm no Louis Lane... No need to come in bo one needs to be saved

I'm just content to sit here and who knows... Maybe thats the best of being seen.
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