Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sol View: Diary of a Mad Black Man

Soooo I'm with snoopy (yeah I know more on that later) watching "Diary of a Mad Black Man"... And this movie is interesting.

The opening scene about whether a black man is weak because he doesn't stay with a drama filled black man was true.

The second about how men want a thug not a nice guy is true of girl who are immature. Also I'm mad at the woman who yelled at her child for asking for money for the ice cream truck and then told her daughte not to get a man like her brother and dad. That is totally inappropriate, no parent should disrespect the other parent to their child and diminsih their personality position and roll.

Angry Black Woman Syndrome is not a disorder till it's in the DSMiv it's not a disorder. Yes yhere are black women who are unjustly angry but just because a black woman shows her anger to a black or any other man should automatically earn her a title of Angry Black Woman.

To any black white or purple woman that has a man hitting them they need to get he'll and leave. Never allow a man to physically emotionally or verballly abuse you not just because it's wrong but because your setting yourself up to have a twisted view of men. It makes you afraid to take a good man for anything more than a friend or brouhrr figure. And ummmmm for the lame nehandrathals that are hitting women ummm you need to resolve your self confidence and manhood issues. Hitting a woman doesn't make you more o a man or prove your power... It shows how little respect you have for women and that the only way you can be in control or feel like you are a man is to be barbaric and destroy something that should be cherished.

neways.... Apparently I'm not eating and that's making snoopy mad... Soooooo I'm going to eat and finish more of this review afterwards but trust more is comming!!!!!

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